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I am soooo very thrilled to  be reviewing the NEW #SonicBlend makeup brush!! Especially since my next assignment is with “blending” (foundation, highlight & contour)! This couldn’t have come at a better time 😀 😀 😀

This brush blends WONDERFULLY! More than I could have  ever imagined. It does the work for you 100%!!

It also comes in leopard(I think) and pink. I wish I grabbed the pink one instead, but the black still goes with my theme anyways.

This brushes speed is 200 times more per second that blending your own self. It has built in protection for microbial contamination so the brush stays cleaner and fresh LONGER! (That’s for all the artist’s that are just so busy with clients that doesn’t have a lot of time to clean their brushes – it’s just perfect! It doesn’t leave lines or streaks AT ALL. It fully covered my face with a finish unlike no other. I almost feel that I do not need a powder top coat to finish. Still, of course do that – I just can’t believe how well it blends. I am 110% in love with this product. I will be using this for all my blending jobs on myself and future clients.

Another bonus is that the vibration or movements can help with your skin by minimizing your pores (I can already feel my skin tightening up – in a good way! Just after one use) and this brush does NOT irritate your skin in any way, shape or form. It’s so soft on the face I know you will just love it!


P.S. Yes, I was given this product to review, however my opinion is 100% honest.




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