The top 5 supplements to manage weight

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The top 5 supplements to try to help you manage your weight

Are you looking for another strategy to help manage your weight? While for some people, changing their diet and having a more active lifestyle is enough, there are those who need more.

If you’ve already tried everything, including having a healthy diet and going to the gym regularly, then maybe you’d like to try and add some vitamins and supplements that can help your body lose or maintain weight. Check out the five listed below that have been proved to be effective to many people.

1. Garcinia Cambogia – what makes garcinia cambogia popular even after so many years is that it has proven to not only stop the body from producing fat, but it can also curb your appetite. Aside from the above mentioned, garcinia cambogia can also help regulate insulin levels. Check out this site if you want more information about this supplement and see if it can help you manage your weight more effectively.

2. Hydroxycut – this is one of the most popular weight loss supplements on the market today even though it has been around for around ten years already. It contains a lot of ingredients, including vitamin C, calcium and caffeine. Caffeine is already known as helpful when it comes to weight loss as it is said to be effective in boosting the body’s metabolism and helping curb weight gain. Other variants of Hydroxycut have added green bean coffee extract and even more caffeine for those who would like more results. Green bean coffee extract can even help regulate blood sugar and blood pressure.

3. Raspberry ketones – the effects of raspberry ketones have been getting a lot of attention lately. The ketones are actually the ones that are responsible for the smell of raspberries, and they can be extracted and added to other products. The thing is, they are expensive, so manufacturers have come up with a synthetic version. Apparently, this supplement can help your body burn fat faster due to their effect on adiponectin, which is a hormone that deals with the body’s metabolism.

4. Fish Oil – if you’ve heard of omega-3 acids and its benefits, then you’ll know what fish oil can do for you. It can lower cholesterol levels and even help the body burn fat so you will not gain weight. While omega-3 is found in foods like nuts or salmon, it may not be convenient to have that every day, so it would be better to take a supplement instead.

5. Olive leaf extract – the effects of olive oil extract is more on the blood glucose levels. Because it is taken from olive oil, which is a good kind of fat, it can help to regulate the blood glucose levels of a person. You see, when a person’s blood sugar levels cannot be managed, the body, instead of burning the fat, will actually store it. Also, having a good blood sugar can also mean you will not crave more food, resulting in you being able to manage your weight properly.


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