The Winners Are…

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A week or so back, I announced a giveaway with Healthy Finds. They offered 20 winners for $10 gift cards to shop here. (They have MANY websites that they promote, so the gift cards is not exclusive to one website, but to many!)

Let’s get to the good stuff!

Qualified winners are:
Jaime Wallace
Cinziz (I know you from Facebook!)
Lynn Mattieu
Jocelyn Sarah
Sabrina Miranda

Unqualified winners, but still made an effort for sharing my giveaways:
Cassandra Darrensbourg
Julia Farmer
Emily B
Manuel Pagnini
Carrera Baldwin
Eileen Boyce
Bridget J
Karla Sceviour
Marilyn Massoud
Christina Rogers
Brittany Doerfler
Sammi Van Wart
Dawn Castiglione
Leanne McMurtry
Gina El

Congrats to all the winners. Please send me an email at

Happy Valentine’s to all!!



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