Work From Home – Canada Only.

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Hey Everyone!

I have a sweet offer for you today. No it’s not like the regular “work at home” scams you hear nowadays. You won’t need to pay for this, work hard and not get paid for a long time, no. This is direct deposit, biweekly. It’s a normal job you would get at the office/call center, but just so awesome ’cause you can now do it at home. YAY! Working in my jammies couldn’t get any better. Seriously!

All YOU need is:
A criminal record check
Speak English clearly, French is a bonus!
Must have windows 8
A USB headset
More than 2 gigabyte ram on your computer
High Speed internet connection
A bank account for direct deposit
Internet Speed Test Verification (very simple and easy)
PC system analysis report (very simple and easy)
…oh! And you NEED to tell them I referred you.  (Sally Gray) <—This would be on the 2nd interview (telephone interview).

You do not need to pay upfront for anything, but the training is $50, which comes off your first cheque. It seriously can’t get any better than that.

If you are a housewife, have kids, or you just need the extra cash – then definitely sign up by clicking here:

The pay isn’t bad either. it’s anywhere from 3.5% – 5% commission on each call you do. If you choose to work during peak hours morning/lunch rush, dinner rush, late night rush (you can choose your own hours, too! You are your own boss.) Then it’s call after call! On average, your sales are approx. $22 per call. You are free to upsell anything, anytime and make as much dough as you want. I wouldn’t replace this with a full time job, as I did work this full time for a couple months and I only made about $700 per week, or was it biweekly? I really can’t remember. But, it’s definitely a good job to do on the side. It’s totally up to you to work full time, like I said you can make your own hours.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.



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