#Worldwide #Giveaway with #Younique #ItWorks – 100% FREE!!!! Even in #Dubai!

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Amanda Lyn and I have decided to do a FULLY FREE, complimentary giveaway to ONE LUCKY WINNER of a BOX OF WRAPS and 3D FIBRE MASCARA*!!


(The ” * ” beside “3D Fibre Mascara is because I just want you all to know that this is the older version/formula. I absolutely LOVE this formula and sad to see it go. Picture beloe of Amanda wearing this exact mascara.)

I have literally stocked up on this formula – I just can’t let it go! Yes, I made a purchase myself of over $500 CAD just before the switched the formula LOL I am CRAZY!

That being said, ONE winner will receive a box of wraps shipped for free from USA by AmandaΒ and a 3D Fibre Mascara shipped free from Canada from me. So, yes this giveaway is opened worldwide —– even my Dubai followers!!!

To enter this giveaway, CLICK HERE. Remember, you can enter DAILY for extra raffle tickets!!!

Good luck to all. This giveaway is open for 4 weeks. Please do share – the more you share, the higher your chances at winning! It’s all done through rafflecopter, so it’s all fair and square!

Stay sassy ladies!


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